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Born in Los Angeles, California, Bernie began riding trials at ten years of age, by aged fifteen he was considered the best rider in Southern California. Schreiber influenced the development of a new riding style by adding floating pivot turns and bunny hops to his hard-charges.

By 1977, he was ranked seventh in the world at eighteen years of age, contracted directly to the Spanish Bultaco factory.
A year later he was ranked third in the world, winning four of the 12 world championship rounds.

In 1979, Bernie won the FIM World Trials Championship for Bultaco, winning four of the 12 rounds, becoming the youngest champion ever in the process. From 1979 until 2004, Bernie was the only non-European world champion.

To this day he remains the first and only American Trial WORLD CHAMPION.

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Bernie has always believed that every off-road motorcycle rider can improve and the real enjoyment is the challenge to be the best that you can be. It is no surprise that people from all over the world seek his philosophy and instruction on his sport. Bernie’s passion is to help any rider with the desire to improve and his students have won the world championship, national championships and amateur Trials.

Bernie works with you on every aspect of the sport to improve potential, accuracy and consistency. The stance, turns, steps and mental control is strongly emphasized to help everyone lower their scores. To develop a complete rider, all the aspects and course management skills are mastered with each and every rider.

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Past to Present photographs and video gallery offering a large range from the 1970’s and 1980’s , and will be updated as new selections become available.

Enjoy photos from around the world.

Bernie retired from professional riding in 1987 with a record of 20 World wins and 48 World podium appearances.

Today, Bernie resides in Zurich, Switzerland with his family.
In 2019 he challenged himself again with Classic Trials events and coaching schools around the world.

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Bernie Schreiber | World Trials Champ '79

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